I just got home...From Maryland. And Virginia. And....whatever states we drove through. I lost track.
We drove 20-ish hours all the way from minnesota to Virginia, then to Maryland, then Pennsylvania and back home, just for a vacation. The drive was super long, and it was so cold on the beach I had to get a sweatshirt..But it was still fun!
We went to a..Zoo..Thing.. a "safari" as they call it. You drive through and none of the animals are in cages..They just kinda walk up to your car. You buy buckets of food for them and it was cool to see all these random aninals so close up, sticking their head in your car.

In our car...

Took this on accident. Looks like a dinosaauuuurrrr!

Thing was watching meee... :p

Huge eye

Awwh cute

Cut off half of its face. Haha oooopppsss....

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